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The first destination of the trip is Nea Moni. It is located in the center of Chios, at a distance of 12 kilometers from the city. The architectural complex of the monastery is located at an altitude of 670 meters above sea level, built in a valley. The view during the ascent from the city through a pine-covered mountain route is wonderful. The area has always been covered with pine trees and today the forest is regenerating after a fire. Nea Moni is the most important Byzantine monument of the island, under the protection of the UNESCO world heritage. It was founded in the 11th century and maintained a special place, both thanks to its art and its direct relationship with Constantinople and the imperial court. The mosaics of the New Monastery are ranked among the most important creations of Byzantine art, thanks to their exceptional quality.

Next stop is the medieval village of Anavatos, also known as "the Mystras of the Aegean". The whole village is built on the edge of a cliff. The choice of this location reveals that it was originally built for defensive purposes, as well as for more effective control of the west coast during the time of piracy. The tour of the village-fortress, with the abandoned stone houses, gives the image of a dead state that will surely impress you.

Final destination is the village of Avgonima. This village is one of the most well-preserved medieval villages of Chios. Tall stone houses, narrow alleys and stunning mountain and sea views are some of its features. The gastronomy of the village will also impress you.




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